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Press Release

Intrigue Releases Shadow Illuminator™
Software Plug-in

" Harsh shadows are reality in many photos. Shadow Illuminator is a way to deal with some of it." -- Outback Photo 

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania– October 11, 2004 – Intrigue Technologies, Inc., a developer of adaptive imaging sensors and systems, today announced the release of Shadow Illuminator™ a software plug-in compatible with Adobe Photoshop and other popular image editing software applications. Shadow Illuminator™ is an image processing software that intelligently compensates for illumination problems in digital pictures. Shadow Illuminator™ is distributed on-line at www.intrigueplugins.com. Free trial downloads are available.

Shadow Illuminator™ patent pending technology is based on the physics of how optical images are formed. Shadow Illuminator™ “looks” at the scene content, estimates the illumination conditions, and digitally adds lights to dark areas. Not only are the shadows brightened, but also the details in the shadows are enhanced as if they were properly lighted. The Shadow Illuminator™ has been developed to enable robots to approach the visual capabilities of the human eye. Users will find that the results of Shadow Illuminator™ resembles what their eyes would see if they viewed the scene directly instead of indirectly through a camera.

"Traditional image enhancement tools manipulate pixels’ intensity and colors regardless of the image content, thus relying on a human to determine what correction and where needs to be done to an image," said Vladimir Brajovic, President of Intrigue Technologies, Inc. "As those that do this on a daily basis know this could be a lengthy and tedious process. Shadow Illuminator™ will save time for both professionals and hobbyists."

About Intrigue Technologies, Inc.
Intrigue Technologies, Inc. is a developer of next-generation imaging sensors and systems for adaptive imaging applications in automotive, surveillance, and unmanned systems markets. Intrigue is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a spin-off from The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. (www.intriguetek.com)

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