Complex electronci design troubles?  Relas, we've got you covered
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From Concept to Product, Intrigue Technologeis, Inc.

Electronic Design Services

Total Expertise:  Hardware, Software, Product

We don’t just “do”, we fundamentally understand:

  • Complex system architecting
  • High-speed PCB design
  • Signal integrity, power integrity
  • EMI / EMR
  • ECAD / MCAD co-design
  • Video / displays / imaging
  • h.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded software development
  • Signal processing and controls algorithms

Total Results / Total Support

Overwhelmed with a complex design? Too many diverse technologies and skills involved? Project slipping? Outsourcing partner botched your job? You need predictable, real-world results. Do it right this time. Call us!

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