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Intrigue was contracted to come up with a robotic animated decoy for hunting predatory animals. Intrigue invented, developed, and strategically licensed a completely new and unique solution resulting in the most realistic predator motion decoy on the market today.

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PCB MSP430 C (embedded) Motion Control Altium Designer SolidWorks Robotics IP Strategy Licensing



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Predator Hunting Motion Decoy for Predator Hunting


Beautiful, but populous
...and too close for comfort.
Predator Population Proliferation
To begin reducing the coyote numbers, about 70% of the population needs to be taken annually. The actual annual harvest of coyotes in the U.S. is only between 10% and 30%. The coyote population continues to be on the rise. Legally predators are declared non-game and can be taken anytime throughout the year.
Predator Population Management
Predators are elusive stalkers. The only way to attract and see them is through the use of calls (sounds simulating wounded/dying pray or hauling of a competing species) and decoys (simulated prey or competing species). Calls are of utmost importance since they can get the predators’ attention over long distances. However, as the predator is nearing the source of sounds it is looking for a visual confirmation of the target. This is where the decoys come in.
Stray Cat Predator Decoy by Primos Hunting

Licensed and Marketed by Primos Hunting
Invented and Developed by Intrigue Technologies

Predator Decoy Lab Testing, Interesting Video

Development and Testing at Our Lab

SolidWorks, Pro-E, Pro Engineer

Motor Assembly

Predator Decoy Outdoors testing, Interesting Video

Outdoors Testing (with a hunting call)