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Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are poised to replace traditional paper labels in many applications. The recent introduction of electrophoretic (ePaper) displays enables ESL displays that are reflective, appear paper-like, and hold an image without consuming any power. In this projects we've done variety of tasks from the display backplane layout to drive electronics integration, from embedded firmware development to experimentation with various display drive schemes.


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ECAD MCAD PIC/MSP430 Power Electronics C Web Technologies



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Electronic Shelf Labels, eInk ePaper

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

ESL replace traditional paper shelf labels.
ePaper display, eInk display

An epaper ESL Display Module

Driving ePaper display, interesting video

Testing Epaper Display

thin ePaper display backplane Display backplane design Chip-on-glass display driver chip

Epaper Displays:

Easily driven
ESL manufacturing
ESL Drive electronics
ESL Commercialization